What is Net Metering?

It is a mechanism of billing that adds renewable energy generated by the owners to the electricity providers’ grid. It is a facility through which the owners can utilize the renewable energy they generate for their own use and sell the access generated energy to the power company. At the times when the energy is not generated by the owners, they can take the electricity through the grid. The owners would either just pay for the reduced amount of energy utilized from the grid or get paid for access supplied energy. 

How Does Net Metering Works?

With the installation of your own solar panels and wind turbines on the available free and open space, owners can generate their own renewable and clean electricity. The generated electricity is can be utilized for owners’ own usage through an inverter and the access energy is supplied to the power grid. A bidirectional electricity meter is installed by the power company to measure the electricity supplied to and from the grid. The net metering rules came into effect in Pakistan on September 01, 2015 and owners are encouraged to generate their own renewable and clean electricity. 

Net Metering Process

Step - 1
Engaging with AEDB Certified Installer, Like ElectroTech Renewables
Step - 2
Application for NOC
Step - 3
Application for Feasibility & Design Approval
Step - 4
Receiving all the Approvals Agreement Signing and Licensing
Step - 5
Installation Inspection & Connection
Step - 6
Renewable Electricity Generation & Billing Activation

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